Unification: Ceremony & Rituals

A young flowergirl races down the stairs to a wedding ceremony as her father walks behind her
Two flowergirls dance and spin outside a church at a Nassau County Long Island wedding
A bride enters the church with her father as he walks her down the aisle in Manhattan NYC NY
The wind blows a bride's veil as she exits her limo before entering the church on her wedding day
A family member wipes the bride's tears during the Jewish wedding tradition of Bedeken
Two bridesmaids sneak a smoke break outside The Sands wedding venue in Long Beach NY
A grandmother sits during a wedding ceremony in a formal blue suit while holding her cane
A wedding ceremony musician plays a cello while wearing a face mask during a post pandemic wedding
A wedding guest blesses the rings during a wedding ceremony
Family members of all ages watch a wedding ceremony while some shed tears and others are bored and distracted
The groom's aunt cries and wipes her tears during a church wedding in Queens NY
An emotional groom cries during his wedding vows at an elopement in Tarrytown NY

Your wedding ceremony: this is what it's all about. We could strip away all other parts of the wedding day, and the ceremony would endure as the heart of the wedding, the true beginning of your marriage and your highest commitment to one another. I document each ceremony in a respectful, non-obtrusive, and attentive way. I watch and wait for key moments of connection and ritual: your parents looking on tearfully, a whispered joke to your partner, your shaky hands as you place the ring on their finger, the breaking of the glass with a triumphant stomp. Whether your ceremony is traditional, or you've written your own vows incorporating lines from Star Wars; whether yours is a church wedding or a secular wedding; whether your ceremony happens in the sun, the rain, or even in a dark windowless room, I have the skill and sensitivity to photograph this most sacred part your wedding day.