Celebration: Joyful Receptions

Mother of the bride peeks out from behind long gold curtains during a reception at Giorgio's NY
Two musicians play traditional Jewish wedding music on a trumpet and drums
A bride removes her shoes and tends to her injured feet while her new husband looks on
A wedding guest delivers a message of congratulations handwritten in Korean to the groom at Bourne Mansion
A wedding venue employee prepares and serves meat at a carving station during a Long Island wedding reception
Three bridesmaids fill their plates at a buffet during a Long Island wedding
A woman's curly hair fans out as she dances wildly with a groomsman at a Crescent Beach Club reception
A wedding guest attempts to do a headstand on the dancefloor at an NYC wedding
Men and women are seen wearing very different shoes during a wedding cocktail hour
A wedding guest laughs and points at the camera while dancing at a Captain Bills wedding
A wedding guest laughs and smiles while dancing at Captain Bills in Bay Shore NY
A wedding guest moves his hand in a disco motion while dancing at a Long Island wedding
The bride kicks her shoes off and dances with friends in the hallway of a Tarrytown wedding venue
Two young boys attempt to order a drink from the bar at a Long Island wedding venue
A happy groom laughs with his priest after signing the marriage license at the Mansion at Oyster Bay
The father of the bride laughs while carrying a framed photograph of his own parents' wedding from many decades ago.

Pop the bottles and crank the music: you're married! My approach to reception photography is all about joy, mayhem, and candids-candids-candids. For you as the couple, your loved ones, and your guests, the reception brings a palpable sense of release and celebration: a real "eat, drink, and be merry" vibe. I document all your reception memories without disrupting the fun: I don't pull my couples away from their party for posed group portraits. Hell, I even get out on the dance floor and into the heart of the action (seeing me dance with cameras in both hands is sure to give your guests a chuckle!). So loosen your necktie, throw back some shots, and get weird with it. I focus on capturing all the best reception moments so that you and yours can focus on having the best party of your lives.