Hi, I'm Adrienne...and I'm a bit of an "Odd Duck" ;)

As one of the only candid documentary wedding photographers serving Long Island and NYC, and as an offbeat bride who planned my own DIY wedding (complete with a singing vampire!), I know what's it's like to be different.

I love working with couples who also feel a bit...different. Creative couples, older couples, LGBTQIA couples: all couples who love candid documentary photography, who feel marginalized by the Wedding Industrial Complex, who want to remember their wedding day (not "picture day"), I GOT YOU.

Oops, I forgot this was the "About Me" page, and started talking about YOU!

I've been photographing for a decade, with several years' experience documenting weddings. Also, I'm a photography educator in SCCC's Continuing Education program (yes, you can study photography with me!). I'm fat, and fat-positive; childfree by choice; a LGBTQIA+ ally; secular / an atheist (and supportive of all my couples' faith traditions, or lack thereof); and I'm neurodivergent. "A neurodivergent artist?!" you might be asking, incredulously. I know...who coulda thunk it? ;)

Long Island wedding photographer Adrienne Catanese laughs and holds her camera during a photoshoot in Brooklyn NY

It's-a me, Adrienne Catanese! I'm loud, funny, energetic, and will definitely be besties with your cool aunt by the time your wedding reception ends! I also know when to shut the F up and allow moments to unfold...I can be stealth as a ninja while photographing. A big 'ole 290 lb. ninja. Look: I'm holding a camera so that you'll know I'm a photographer! Also, I've gotten a cooler haircut since this photo was taken. And by "gotten a cooler haircut", I mean I gave myself a buzzcut at home.

Now Booking: freaks, geeks, and hopeless romantics who give each other pet names, make up songs for each other, and share more inside jokes than they can count.

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