Hi, I'm Adrienne Catanese...

And I'm a documentary wedding photographer.

I'm also a street photographer, a conceptual photographer, and definitely NOT your typical Long Island wedding photographer. I create authentic & artistic, candid, documentary wedding photography to capture all the real moments of your big day: the laughter, the tears, the flower-girl picking her nose, your bestie's drunken dance moves . No cheesy poses, no cookie-cutter shot lists, no pulling my couples away from their guests for hours of picture-taking, just attentive and unobtrusive visual storytelling. I want my couples to remember their wedding day, not "picture day".

Though I discovered photography (relatively) late in life at 30, I've spent the last decade developing my artistic eye and my technical skills, second-shooting several dozen weddings, and lead-shooting a handful of smaller intimate weddings.

I understand the challenges of Long Island wedding planning: DIY weddings, offbeat weddings, or any non-traditional weddings can be especially hard here. With Long Island's high cost of living, "wedding factory" venues, and the glut of wedding vendors ready to give you the hard sell, you and your partner are probably pretty stressed.

Fear not: relax, take a deep breath, and a look around my site: if you want artistic (and affordable) candid wedding photography in the Long Island & NYC area, you've come to the right place <3

Long Island wedding photographer Adrienne Catanese laughs and holds her camera during a photoshoot in Brooklyn NY

While my work is often dark and quirky, my energy on wedding days is fun and bright. I'm easy to work with, warm and friendly, and by the end of most wedding days, I've befriended your grandma and your aunties. Image credit for this happy headshot: Grace Braaksma 2022.

But, that's enough about me; let me show you the work: