Getting Ready

The father of the groom brushes the groom's hair as the family prepares for his wedding day
The mother of the bride helps a bridesmaid get ready while the bride puts on her wedding dress at Bourne Mansion NY
A young girl stands beside the bride's wedding dress while getting ready for an elopement in Tarrytown NY
A groom pins a boutonniere on his father's jacket at Gurney's East End Long Island wedding venue
An old man adjusts his boutonniere and jacket while getting ready for a wedding at Bourne Mansion
The father of the bride hides his face as he waits for his first look at his daughter in her wedding dress
The groom's mother smiles at her son while getting ready for his wedding day in their Long Island home
And old man pulls a funny face while his wife puts a hat on his head for a wedding at Crescent Beach Club
One groomsman holds a cigarette to another groomsman's mouth at The Mansion at Oyster Bay
Groomsmen throw stones into the ocean at Crescent Beach Club while they wait for the wedding ceremony to begin.
A groom sports sunglasses and a dapper suit with bowtie on the morning of his wedding day
A lone groom stands in the center of a road and looks directly into the camera outside Bourne Mansion


A young flowergirl races down the stairs to a wedding ceremony as her father walks behind her
Two flowergirls dance and spin outside a church at a Nassau County Long Island wedding
The wind blows a bride's veil as she exits her limo before entering the church on her wedding day
A bride enters the church with her father as he walks her down the aisle in Manhattan NYC NY
A family member wipes the bride's tears during the Jewish wedding tradition of Bedeken
A grandmother sits during a wedding ceremony in a formal blue suit while holding her cane
A wedding ceremony musician plays a cello while wearing a face mask during a post pandemic wedding
Family members of all ages watch a wedding ceremony while some shed tears and others are bored and distracted
An emotional groom cries during his wedding vows at an elopement in Tarrytown NY


Mother of the bride peeks out from behind long gold curtains during a reception at Giorgio's NY
Two musicians play traditional Jewish wedding music on a trumpet and drums
A bride removes her shoes and tends to her injured feet while her new husband looks on
A wedding guest delivers a message of congratulations handwritten in Korean to the groom at Bourne Mansion
A wedding venue employee prepares and serves meat at a carving station during a Long Island wedding reception
Three bridesmaids fill their plates at a buffet during a Long Island wedding
A woman's curly hair fans out as she dances wildly with a groomsman at a Crescent Beach Club reception
A wedding guest attempts to do a headstand on the dancefloor at an NYC wedding
Men and women are seen wearing very different shoes during a wedding cocktail hour
A wedding guest laughs and points at the camera while dancing at a Captain Bills wedding
A wedding guest laughs and smiles while dancing at Captain Bills in Bay Shore NY
A wedding guest moves his hand in a disco motion while dancing at a Long Island wedding
The bride kicks her shoes off and dances with friends in the hallway of a Tarrytown wedding venue
Two young boys attempt to order a drink from the bar at a Long Island wedding venue
A happy groom laughs with his priest after signing the marriage license at the Mansion at Oyster Bay
The father of the bride laughs while carrying a framed photograph of his own parents' wedding from many decades ago.

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