Pennsylvania is one of only a handful of US states where partners can "self-unite"; all that you need is a PA marriage license and two witnesses.

Colorful photograph of partners laughing in front of a historic home in Philly at their self uniting civil union.

ALL my couples are my favorite, but Jax + Alex might just be my FAVORITE favorite <3 Also, look at the gorgeous architectural details on this historic home in Philly! J+A self united in a small intimate civil union ceremony at the home of their close friends, who also host the monthly game night for their whole crew, or as J+A call them, their "chosen family".

The self uniting marriage practice in Philly actually originates from historic Quaker wedding traditions, but is a great option for secular couples or persons from all backgrounds (ie: you don't need to be a Quaker).

The best part: this Philly self uniting civil union ceremony (or JAWN, as J+A called it in true Philly spirit) is just PART ONE of J+A's union...they are also celebrating soon in a second Long Island NY event, so stay tuned!

Candid colorful portrait of Philly couple sharing an intimate touch after their civil union ceremony.

I CAN'T EVEN with these two sweethearts. SO. MUCH. LOVE.