2023 was a big year for me: I won a Story Award, and was named one of the Top 10 USA Wedding Photographers for 2023 by This Is Reportage!

When I photograph weddings, I am thinking only of my couples, capturing the moments and memories of their day, and telling their story through my lens. I'm never thinking of recognition or accolades; which is precisely what makes receiving this award such a joy and an honor!

(And a SURPRISE: when I received the message announcing my award, I was so stunned and grateful that I started crying. My poor hubby walked in the living room at 7am to see me sitting on the couch with my phone in my hand and silent tears streaming down my cheeks. He was, briefly, terrified. :) LOL

Each year, This Is Reportage selects their Top Ten Photographers for the USA, and I was awarded this honor for 2023. As a recipient of a TiR Story Award, I'm able to connect with more couples from throughout the USA, and I couldn't be happier!

What is a "Story Award"?

I received a Story Award from This Is Reportage for my storytelling of Irene and Roberto's NYC City Hall Wedding Day 2023.

To win a Story Award, you've got to tell the Story of a whole wedding day...in 20 images or less.

All wedding day long, I'm telling stories with my camera...but can I tell the whole story of an entire wedding day in just 20 images? This Is Reportage limits Story Award entries to a maximum of 15-20 images...no easy task. But through careful curation and sequencing, I was able to capture the most important moments of Irene + Roberto's NYC City Hall Wedding in just 18 images.

Here's Irene + Roberto's wedding day story, told in just 18 images:

Parents of the groom watch the bride getting ready in their Nassau County Long Island home.
Long Island Bride gets her makeup done in the kitchen of the groom's Long Island home.
A bride and her make-up artist are reflected in the screen of a large television as they laugh together getting ready.
A frustrated groom struggles to tie his bowtie while father of the groom holds up phone playing a Youtube video
The groom and his mother laugh as he tries to tie his bowtie at their home in Long Island NY.
The groom's mother helps the bride into her wedding dress on the morning of their City Hall NYC wedding.
The groom uses a vintage Polaroid Land Camera to make a portrait of his bride on the morning of their wedding day.
The groom peels apart an instant Polaroid photograph showing his bride on the lawn of their Long Island home.
A street photograph of the bride and groom crossing the street at Brooklyn City Hall on the way to wedding ceremony.
A bride and groom enter the Marriage Bureau at Brooklyn City Hall in NYC.
A bride and groom wait to get married in the waiting room of the Brooklyn City Hall Marriage Bureau.
The father of the groom falls asleep during a long wait at the NYC City Hall Project Cupid Marriage Bureau.
Documentary photograph of two couples getting married at Brooklyn City Hall NYC by Adrienne Catanese 2023
Family members congratulate and embrace the newlyweds after their NYC City Hall Wedding Ceremony.
A hungry bride and groom eat apples and bananas from a street vendor in front of the NYC City Hall after getting married
The groom feeds the bride a bite of their homemade wedding cake at Aperitif in Rockville Centre.
The bride serves slices of homemade wedding cake to her guests during a restaurant wedding reception.
The groom enjoys a toast with his gentlemen during a restaurant wedding reception at Aperitif on Long Island NY.

What is "This Is Reportage"?

This Is Reportage (TiR) is a worldwide community of documentary wedding photographers capturing authentic, candid, real moments.

I joined TiR to find and connect with couples who value candid documentary wedding day storytelling, and to network with other like-minded photographers working at the top of their field. I'm so grateful to TiR for this prestigious award!