I'd never describe Long Island winter weddings as "tropical".

That is, unless you get married at Flowerfield in Saint James NY.

Flowerfield has several areas including a Grand Ballroom, but my favorite spots are in the Atrium, which is a huge, natural light-filled, LUSH indoor garden greenhouse that blooms all year round.

Below are a few venue detail shots from a recent wedding:

Check out the gorgeous oversized monstera leaves growing everywhere, hidden gems like rare "bird of paradise" flowers peeking out, and even Flowerfield's indoor koi pond. Outdoors on the grounds, swans and geese swim in a small lake.

Bird of paradise flower growing indoors at Flowerfield greenhouse garden wedding venue in Suffolk County NY
Long Island indoor garden greenhouse at Flowerfield wedding venue in Suffolk County NY
Open bar liquor bottles with monstera leaves decorating as wedding details at Flowerfield
Koi fish swimming in an indoor koi pond at Flowerfield Celebrations
Two swans swimming in the lake on the grounds of Flowerfield