The famous sex- and relationship-advice columnist Dan Savage often talks about the importance of “leaving people better than you found them,” and reminds us that even short relationships are no less important than long-term connections. 

The moment you fill out my contact form, we enter into in a little “relationship” of sorts. When I reply to your inquiry, I ask you some personal questions (How did you two meet? What’s your song? How do you envision your wedding?), and from that first email or Zoom meeting, you quickly learn a few things about me: my sense of humor, my documentary approach, and how I interact with my couples.

Naturally, I hope we are a "good fit" for one another, and that your inquiry is the start of a long and meaningful relationship.

I hope that I'll get to share in your wedding planning excitement, document your wedding day, and deliver to you photographs of all the best memories you'll hold forever.

But the truth is, you might decided to go in a different direction, and that’s okay.

So, even if our mini-relationship only lasts as long as a brief email exchange, I’m gonna take Dan Savage’s advice, and attempt to “leave you better than I found you”:

You don’t have to hire me. 

But please: hire a professional wedding photographer.

Even though I may not be the right fit for you, I promise you there is a professional wedding photographer out there who will be. Be like Goldilocks; don’t stop tasting until you find the porridge that’s just right. If your reason for moving on is budget, fear not: you can find professional wedding photographers at any (reasonable) price point. If it’s a question of visual style, even better: there are so many different wedding photography genres, you’re bound to find someone whose work makes your heart sing. 

Hell, I’ll even recommend other photographers for you to look at.

Just promise me 3 things:

1. Don’t depend on your “cousin with the nice camera” for photos.

Hire a professional wedding photographer.

2. Don’t hire a rando Craigslist (or Instagram, or Facebook) “photographer” because it’s cheaper or easier or because you're a thrill-seeker who loves to live dangerously.

Hire a professional wedding photographer.

3. And please, for the love of God (or Lizzo, whichever you prefer), do NOT go without a photographer on the rationale that “everyone has a cell phone” and “guests will take lots of pictures”.

Hire a professional wedding photographer.

Think back to those pandemic-era family Zoom meet-ups: remember how your Mom treated everyone to an intimate up-nostril view, her face mere millimeters from the laptop’s webcam. Or how she held her phone at arm’s length and ran around the house during the entire call, unaware she was giving you a case of vertigo worse than what you felt seeing Hardcore Henry on the big screen. 

And remember this?

“Mom, you’re on mute. You’re on mute! No, Mom, I can’t…you’re on mute.” 

Your wedding day is far too important to entrust to Aunt Jo’s iPad.

Or to your cousin who slaps scary filters over every photo.

Please put down the iPad, Aunt Jo.

I should probably wrap this up here; I’m starting to ramble. Obviously, if my work is the right fit for your wedding, I want to book you.

BUT: I will sleep better knowing that you ended up with any good wedding photographer, even if it’s not me.

Life is too short, and your love is too meaningful, for bad wedding photography.