As an experienced Long Island wedding photographer, I know a thing or two about choosing a good wedding date...

I've talked with many couples about choosing a wedding date with good natural light (tip: avoid short winter days), wedding dates more likely to have mild pleasant weather (hello June; goodbye July and August), and wedding dates that are convenient for your guests to attend (while a Christmas or New Year's Eve wedding sounds cool in theory, the sad truth is many guests will be unable to attend your holiday wedding celebration!)

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Spring wedding dates are good for Northeast US couples planning an outdoor wedding ceremony, as long as you choose your date wisely...

I can still remember the feeling of laying down in the wet grass to capture this photo of the Spring sun shining through the Chuppah at this Long Island wedding. Fun fact: the prayer shawls on this Chuppah were gifted as family heirlooms and had been in the couple's families for generations: talk about "something old"!

SPRING (Tue, Mar 19, 2024 – Thu, Jun 20, 2024)

Spring weddings dates are always a nice choice; your guests are excited to get back outside after the long winter doldrums, and what better excuse than to celebrate your union! The only drawbacks to consider are possible chilly temps (late April wedding dates are better than getting married in late March), the chance of Spring Showers (always have a rain plan: rent a tent if needed, or at least provide guest umbrellas for your outdoor ceremony), and being mindful of any Spring holidays (religious or secular) that may impact guests' ability to attend).

A groom smiles at his bride during an outdoor wedding ceremony on the grounds of their Long Island estate.

This couple married on a Spring day in the bride's "backyard", which was more like an outdoor villa on the grounds of her family's Long Island estate.

Best March 2024 Wedding Dates

(spoiler: don't get married outdoors in March 2024!)

While a mild winter is predicted for the Northeast this year, the truth is: late March is often too cold for an outdoor ceremony. March 2024 wedding couples should definitely plan for an indoor wedding ceremony, or if your hearts are set on an outdoor celebration, definitely have a back-up indoor location and/or rent outdoor heaters, provide wedding blankets, and don't be surprised if your guests keep their coats on!

SAT MARCH 30th and SUN MARCH 31st 2024 : Easter Weekend

It's a good idea to avoid scheduling your wedding on a major religious holiday; even if most of your guests are nones, or don't celebrate Easter, booking on a holiday can create some stress. However, you may be able to get a discount from your venue, in which case: go for it!

Bride and groom embrace on their wedding day at Danford's near the Bridgeport Ferry in Port Jefferson NY

Outdoor moments at your Spring wedding are still possible as long as you're willing to brave the slight chill; this bride opted for a wedding dress with long sleeves knowing that her Spring wedding date might be chilly.

Best April 2024 Wedding Dates

Saturdays in April 2024: 4/6; 4/13; 4/20; 4/27

SATURDAY APRIL 20th 2024 (4/20/24)

Best wedding date for couples who love cannabis! You can even incorporate weed into your wedding celebration; I won't judge ;)

SATURDAY APRIL 24th 2024 (4/24/24)

Best for couples who dig lucky numbers, or just want a catchy easy-to-remember wedding date.

Groom and bride enjoy their first look under the shelter of the porch on a rainy Spring wedding day.

Having a backup indoor location always saves the day; when their Spring wedding day turned rainy, this couple enjoyed their first look under the shelter of a screened-in porch.

Best May 2024 Wedding Dates

SATURDAYS IN may 2024: 5/4; 5/11; 5/18; 5/25

SUNDAY MAY 5th 2024 (5/5/24)

CINCO DE MAYO! Cool memorable wedding date (5/5), and a meaningful holiday you can incorporate into your celebration if applicable. Word to the wise though: avoid harmful cultural appropriation...if you and your guests have no cultural connection to Cinco de Mayo, err on the side of caution by not incorporating elements of the holiday without understanding its significance.

AVOID: SATURDAY MAY 11th and SUNDAY MAY 12TH 2024 (5/11/24 - 5/12/24)

Sunday May 12th 2024 is MOTHER'S DAY. I'm not saying you *can't* get married on Mother's Day (maybe this wedding date holds a deep and special meaning for you); however, this is one of those holidays very likely to impact your guests' attendance. Whether guests are dealing with painful grief around the loss of their mothers, or are simply busy juggling intergenerational celebrations in their own families, this weekend is likely to be a busy one.

SATURDAY MAY 25th 2024 (5/25/24)

Another catchy, memorable wedding date (5/25), and a useful holiday hack: the following Monday May 26th 2024 is MEMORIAL DAY. Be mindful of understanding and respecting the holiday. As long as you make sure your guests aren't already attending a holiday BBQ, you should be in the clear. BONUS: Take advantage of the fact that many guests will have a "3 Day Weekend" with Monday off from work. If your crew likes to party hard, and may need two post-wedding recovery days instead of just one, this date may be perfect for you!

A bride wipes the groom's happy tears during their emotional wedding day first look at Prosser Pines Long Island.

Lush, vivid foliage is one of the best elements of a late-Spring wedding date, as seen here in this tender emotional first look at Prosser Pines Nature Preserve in Long Island NY.

Best June 2024 Wedding Dates

SATURDAYS IN JUNE 2024: 6/1; 6/8; 6/15; 6/22; 6/29

JUNE IS AN ALL-AROUND WINNER (you honestly can't go wrong with a June 2024 wedding date!)

The only June holidays to be mindful of are:

SUNDAY JUNE 16th 2024 FATHER'S DAY : While the same guidance about holiday wedding dates still applies, the reality is that Father's Day is not as "big" a holiday as Mother's Day when it comes to impacting wedding guest attendance (I wonder if there are sociological reasons behind this?). Of course, if this holiday marks significant grief or hectic celebration for you and yours, proceed with caution.

WEDNESDAY JUNE 19the 2024 JUNETEENTH : African American BIPOC couples might choose this mid-week wedding date to coincide with the joyful celebration of Juneteenth, marking the final abolition of slavery on June 19th 1865 (but it was not until 2021 that President Biden designated this date an official federal holiday).

Bottom-line: June 2024 wedding dates will bring the warm temperatures of late Spring, and the weekends this month are not severely impacted by holidays.

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