Summer is a great time to get married in the Northeast; as long as you avoid the dog days of summer, your guests will have it made in the shade...

The keys to a successful summer wedding in the Northeast US are: having a solid rain plan in case of wedding day showers, providing adequate shade and refreshment for your guests, and steering clear of sweltering heat (don't plan to get married in August) and busy summer holidays.

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Summer wedding dates often yield wonderful candid photos in great natural light simply because you and your wedding party naturally spend more time outdoors than a Spring, Fall, or Winter couple would. Here, a groom and his groomsmen have a ball skipping stones in the waters of the Long Island Sound before the wedding ceremony at Crescent Beach Club in Bayville NY.

SUMMER (Thu, Jun 20, 2024 – Sun, Sep 22, 2024)

Summer weddings dates have traditionally been the most popular season to get married! The only drawbacks to consider are hot weather (I often advise couples to avoid August wedding dates if possible), the chance of summer storms (always have a rain plan: rent a tent if needed, or at least provide guest umbrellas for your outdoor ceremony), and being mindful of Summer holidays that may impact guests' ability to attend).

Couples planning outdoor wedding ceremonies should choose a summer wedding date as guests enjoy being outside in warm mild weather. Here, a bride and her father walk down the aisle during an outdoor ceremony at Gatsby on the Ocean in Long Island NY.

Best JUNE 2024 Wedding Dates

(HINT: There's a reason june is one of the most popular wedding months!)

Old sayings about being a "June Bride" (or a "June Marryer" for a less gendered phrase) originated from the popularity of June as a wedding month commonly associated with good luck, mild weather, and health and happiness for the newlyweds. Of course, most of this stems from prescientific superstition, but it's still fun to learn about the history of June weddings.

SAT JUNE 22nd and SUN JUNE 23rd 2024

Choose a wedding date in LATE June to avoid the holidays this month (Father's Day and Juneteenth). You've got a good chance of warm but not hot weather, and 06/22/24 is a memorable and catchy wedding date comprised entirely of even numbers (if you're weird like me and have favorite numbers LOL).

A Jewish groom reads a card from the bride before their outdoor wedding ceremony.

Even the indoor moments on your Summer wedding day will be nicer due to the abundance of bright natural light. Here, a groom reads a card from the bride before their summer wedding ceremony.

Best JULY 2024 Wedding Dates

Saturdays in july 2024 : 7/6; 7/13; 7/20; 7/27

SATURDAY JUNE 6th and SUNDAY JUNE 7TH : Post-Holiday Weekend

This year, JULY 4th falls midweek on a Thursday, with celebrations likely to spill over into the following weekend of 7/6 and 7/7. While I wouldn't necessarily advise couples to avoid scheduling their wedding on the weekend after 4th of July, I would caution you to be mindful of how major holidays can affect your wedding guests' ability to attend your celebration. Choosing a wedding date on or near a major holiday brings both pros and cons.

Summer wedding days can be hot; here two newlyweds guzzle ice cold water from a street vendor after getting married at City Hall in NYC on a hot summer day.

Best August 2024 Wedding Dates

SATURDAYS IN AUGUST 2024: 8/3; 8/10; 8/17; 8/24; 8/31

Avoid August Wedding Dates in New York (or Proceed with Caution)

I'm a big believer in having the wedding you want, traditions and advice from others be damned. Honestly though, August weddings are swelteringly hot (in NY at least). It's a bummer too, since August 2024 has 5 weekends instead of 4, and is largely unaffected by major holidays (other than the last weekend in August before Labor Day).

If your heart is set on an August wedding date, plan carefully to avoid the hottest part of the day: early August weddings will be milder than late August, evening or night wedding receptions after sunset will keep guests cool, and be sure to serve lots of summer cocktails and provide water stations to keep wedding guests hydrated and happy.

Lawn games such as cornhole are a great activity for wedding guests; here a guest tosses a beanbag in a friendly game of cornhole during a September celebration at Milleridge Inn in Jericho NY.

Best SEPTEMBER 2024 Wedding Dates

SATURDAYS IN September 2024: 9/7; 9/14; 9/21; 9/28

SEPTEMBER IS MY FAVORITE SUMMER MONTH FOR WEDDINGS (you honestly can't go wrong with a September 2024 wedding date!)

The only September holiday to be mindful of is Labor Day early in the month.

Also, remember that September is "Back to School" for young kids, college students, and parents. If you have lots of kids in your family, be mindful of how the busy Back to School time may impact your wedding guests. Of course, the decision about whether to have kids at your wedding or not is a highly personal one that you and your partner should give some thought to during the wedding planning process.

Bottom-line: September 2024 wedding dates should bring lovely weather (with a hint of early Autumn later in the month), and the weekends this month are not severely impacted by holidays. September weddings for the win <3

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